An ecosystem to support
Black beauty and
wellness founders through
Why We Exist

The past few years have been a watershed for Black entrepreneurs. The renewed activism in support of greater diversity and equity across all aspects of society led many brands and retailers to diversify their teams and shelves. There’s currently unprecedented opportunities for Black founders.

To maximize this opportunity, Black founders need access to critical business support, education and mentorship resources, capital and scaling capabilities. 

Only 4% of Black-owned businesses in the US survive past the start-up stage even though 20% of Black Americans start businesses. More than 9 out of 10 Black founders lack investment/working capital, while 77% lack mentoring and business management support. Finally, three-quarters lack pathways to distribution channels and more than half lack access to suppliers and marketing services support.

Knowing that a pipeline of successful, Black-founded beauty and wellness brands would change the paradigm within the $500 billion global beauty and wellness industry, BrainTrust Founders Studio was created as a scalable way to create parity and equity. This happens through providing additional business, financial, marketing and technology brain power through a global ecosystem and community of like minded founders.

Which BrainTrust Founders Studio Membership is Right For You?

The Founders Studio offers three tiers of membership — Start, Grow & Accelerate. The platform was designed to match participating founders with supporting resources and relevant partners based upon their individual profile and goals.

Membership provides access to dozens of partners and advisors to help founders create valuable branded products and profitable companies.

We’ll help find the one that is right for you.

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