“BrainTrust Founders Studio will forever alter the industry through its support of today’s Black beauty and wellness leaders with the vital resources and collaborations they need to propel their brands to the next level—and beyond. Whether I am building a brand with Halle Berry, Super Dope Q, or Micha Brown, the same capital, resources, support, and knowledge are needed. It is the braintrust of advisors, coaches, and mentors that will ultimately be the catalyst for sustained success. This community is built on the ideas that collaboration breeds creativity and that success for one leads to success for all.”
– Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Founder of BrainTrust Founder Studio
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Criteria For Founders
  • Must be Black identifying (if a partnership, at least one Founder must meet this criterion)
  • Have a controlling equity stake in the company
  • Be in the beauty and wellness industry
  • Commit to paying their membership forward once they exit the studio by providing feedback and insights to the next generation of Founders
  • Agree to Code of Conduct Community Governance

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Whether you are a start-up testing a new product or a seasoned business with retail distribution and post investment, we have the right membership tier for you. Our platform combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated business systems to match Founders with supporting resources and relevant partners based upon their individual profiles and goals. Your thoughtfully completed application will help us to place you in the appropriate tier.

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